*Aura Extract CO2 Ceramic Cartridges – 1G


Aura Extract Premium C02 Cartridges with Ceramic Coil Technology
Jack Herer – sativa
Blueberry Dream – Hybrid
Trainwreck – Hybrid
Bubblegum – Indica dominate Hybrid
Bubba Kush – Indica

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Elevate your vaping experience with a hit above the rest… Aura Extract proudly presents Premium C02 Cartridges with Ceramic Coil Technology… Designed to deliver the cleanest, purest, tastiest and safest hits for your vaporizing pleasure. Clean and Pure Cannabis connoisseur or not, there’s no conscious consumer that wants to be inhaling toxic chemicals and metals. With Aura’s CO2 extraction process, you can wholesomely enjoy inhaling the cleanest, most rejuvenating, cannabis infused vapor. Paired with our ceramic coil for an unparallel vaping experience. Quality Taste Ceramic cartridges are more capable than metal at delivering cleaner and more flavorful hits. It is more porous and does not emit toxins or odors in the inhaled vapor. Since it doesn’t chemically interact with the distillate during the vaporization process, it delivers fuller flavor profile and better overall taste. No Burn Taste Ceramic conducts heat extremely well and burns at a higher temperature. It maximizes vapor production and flavors without reaching the point of combustion or burning. Thus, a pure and high quality taste delivered with each hit. Not all carts are made equally. So, if you’re wanting the most from your vape experience, there’s no better choice than Aura Extract’s Premium Ceramic Cartridge with CO2 distillate.

** Contains no additives, no propylene glycol, no vegetable glycol, no vitamin e-acetate** 100 % Cannabis w/ Terpenes Compatible with all 510 thread vape pen Does not include battery

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Bubba Kush (indica), Blueberry Dream (hybrid), Trainwreck (hybrid), Bubblegum (Indica-Hybrid), Jack Herer (Sativa)


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