Canna Chocoholics


Delight your senses and experience the rich, delectable taste of our Belgium Delight Fudges. Meticulously handcrafted for the most flavorful chocolate experience and ultimate high.

This canna chocolate lovers bundle includes:

1x Aura Belgium Delight – Blueberry
1x Aura Belgium Delight – Orange
1x Aura Belgium Delight – Original
1x Aura Belgium Delight – Peppermint
1x Aura Belgium Delight – Raspberry

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Calling all stoners with a sweet tooth! This Canna Chocolate Lovers Bundle is the perfect way for any cannabis-loving chocoholic to get their fix and satisfy their cravings. With 10 pieces of premium cannabis-infused fudge in give mouthwateringly tasty flavors, what more could you ask for? Aura Edibles are the best way to experience all of the therapeutic qualities of cannabis without the negative side effects of smoking. These Aura Fudge Delight Bundle offer a relaxing and mentally uplifting high that is sure to help you unwind or relieve any physical or mental discomfort. Indulge your taste buds with the decadent taste of fine Belgian chocolate designed to mask the taste of highly potent THC extract. Once you’ve had one, we promise you’ll have a hard time resisting the urge for more!

The Canna Chocoholics Bundle contains 10 decadent chocolate fudge edibles with two of each of the following flavors: Original, Orange, and Raspberry, Peppermint, and Blueberry! No matter what flavor combination you’re in the mood for, this bundle has got you covered! Each piece is made using high-quality fair trade sourced Belgian chocolate and all-natural fruit flavors as well as infused with a precisely measured dose of 100mg of premium grade cannabis extract derived from some of the finest plants the industry has to offer. That means no pesticides, GMOs, fillers, or artificial sweeteners or preservatives are used at any point in the process.

Best of all, each and every batch of deliciously smooth and creamy fudge is tested by a team of independent experts to ensure there are absolutely no residual solvents, toxins, or harmful heavy metals present. When you purchase from Aura Edibles, you can be certain you’re receiving a product that has been carefully handcrafted with your safety and wellness in mind.

Start treating yourself and your body with the love you deserve, and delight your senses with Aura Edible’s amazingly delicious Canna Chocoholics Bundle today!


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