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AURA is a way of life

We exist to help restore your health and empower your livelihood through the healing properties of cannabis. Everything is crafted with care and blessed with loving intentions to nourish your Mind, Body and Soul.

I felt it radiate into every injury my body has ever had. It was like a massage hot pack for hours, even into the next day! I haven’t been so pain-free since I was a kid

Each and every batch of edibles undergo incredibly strict internal measures of quality control as well as strenuous testing by an independent, third-party laboratory. This ensures each product is completely free of any residual solvents, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful substances. In addition to making fantastically taste edibles, your health, wellness, and safety is the number one priority.

Best edibles I have ever had. Hit hard and fast, only need about 1/4. Tastes amazing!

Using the abundant healing properties of cannabis we aim to help you celebrate and enjoy life with our top of the line products. We craft each batch with love and is blessed with mindful intentions to nourish your mind, body, and soul to restore your health and empower your livelihood. We are fully committed to serving the community in healing and living life with flourishing health, love, and unity.

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